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So What is Holistic Nutrition?

So what is Holistic Nutrition? By Franny Long

According to Webster's Dictionary, nutrition is understood to be:

Definition of nutrition

1. the act or process of nourishing or being nourished;

specifically: the sum of the processes by which an animal or plant takes in and utilizes food substances.

Complete nutrition is the basis for optimum health and well being. Holistic nutrition is a recent approach to developing a healthy balanced diet while including consideration of the person as a whole.

Lifestyle, environmental/social influence, upbringing, beliefs, demographics are just some examples of these considerations. Including emotional and spiritual health along with the physical health of the person helps to find a starting off point to address any issues.

Modern medicine focuses on treating a symptom rather than the root cause. If a person is experiencing a symptom or chronic condition, the problem has most likely been developing for some time.

The goal of holistic nutrition is to facilitate a healthy recovery plan as well as build a strong foundation for long term optimum health. Think "Whole" nutrition. Not just the food that nourishes the cells of your body but the whole picture of health.

In other words, holistic nutrition is a deeper approach to feeding your body, mind, and soul. 

For more ideas and opportunities to incorporate Holistic Nutrition into your every day life, visit us here. We'd love to support you in your journey towards more vibrant living!

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