The Brilliantly You (BYou) Retreat and Wellness Center is a digitally based division of Pointe of Grace, LLC. that exists to empower people from all walks of life to be their truest, most brilliant self from a place of wholeness and balance. 

Our mission is to create accessible and effective tools, resources, and support enable those we serve to tend to their entire being in ways that equip and empower them to live more hope-filled lives marked by loving relationships, vibrant health, increased resiliency, expanding creativity, and holistic wellbeing.

We believe


human beings are meant to do more than just survive. We are meant to thrive in ways that enable all of creation to flourish. 

Not just some of us.

All of us.

We also believe

there is real hope for sustainable healing and transformation that leads to genuine wholeness and wellbeing. 

Not just for some of us.

All of us. 

Our Mission

Serving humanity in 

ways that restore hope and lead to sustainable change and abundant living for the transformation

of the world.

Our Values

In all things, we are guided

by a passion for L.I.F.E.

L:  Love for God, self, & others

I:   Integrity bound by inclusivity

F:  Faithfulness to core values 

E:  Excellence that is expansive

Our Vision

Offering solutions focused, goal oriented Spiritual Direction and CBT/MBSR Counseling, wellness resources and coaching, and holistic wellbeing programs that are both accessible and effective.

Who We Are


We are a team of academically educated, theologically grounded, and professionally certified practitioners who are passionate about helping people:

  • connect with their body, mind, heart, and spirit in restorative and transformative ways;

  • discover their truest identity and boldly live into their created purpose with greater authenticity and authority;

  • cultivate more meaningful and mutually supportive relationships;

  • successfully navigate major life changes or transitions;

  • effectively move through and manage acute stress, anxiety, depression, and PTSD;

  • overcome destructive thought patterns that lead to negative self worth, body image, or unhealthy relationships with food or other substances;

  • heal from trauma, abuse, or alienation and restore a healthy relationship with the Sacred.

To accomplish this, we integrate modern and ancient contemplative practices with goal oriented, solution focused, counseling and coaching coupled with resources designed to help our clients live healthier, more balanced lives.

Our Offerings Include:

The BYou with YogaWell APP

On-Demand Courses and Challenges

On-Demand and LIVE Retreats

Personal Retreats

Spiritual Direction

CBT Coaching

Nutrition Coaching

and More!

Meet Our Team

Spend some time with us and see what a difference Brilliantly You can make! We look forward to supporting you in your journey towards becoming all that you were created to be!