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We all have an inner compass (a still small voice) that seeks to guide us towards our true 'north.' Having someone who can mindfully listen to your longings and struggles, as well as your hopes and dreams, in ways that help you discover and honor your true 'north' can make all the difference in your ability to accomplish your goals and live into your created purpose with a sense of inter-connectedness and passion.

What makes Contemplative Spiritual Direction different from other forms of counseling is the foundational assumption that there is already a sacred pulse (the Spirit) at work within you that seeks to drive the trajectory of your life towards life-giving purpose and meaningful connection with God, self, and others.

Our vision and mission for Contemplative Spiritual Direction:

Our vision is to create a holistic, virtually accessible forum where people from all walks of life can heal from prior spiritual trauma and experience truly restorative and integrative spiritual support that leads to wholeness in every aspect of their being.

The Contemplative Difference


Rev. Lenora Rousseau specializes in Contemplative Spiritual Direction. What's the difference between this and other forms of Spiritual Direction? Many forms of contemporary Spiritual Direction flow out of the Ignatian formula for spiritual companionship that consists of a prescribed program designed to systematically guide the directee through a series of readings and practices that work together to aid the direction process.


Contemplative Spiritual Direction takes an entirely different approach. There is no agenda. No systematic formula. No prescribed agenda. What is there then? A spiritually led conversation or series of on-going conversations guided by the Spirit with a trained director who is skilled in reflectively listening and asking questions that allow you to hear and respond to the movement of God within, leading you towards finding the path that is yours to follow and thriving in the pursuit of living that life that is yours to live.


Lenora's mission is to compassionately journey with others in ways that can help them experience healing, develop an authentic spiritual expression, discern new vocational paths, and courageously live in alignment with their truest created self.


Lenora is especially passionate about serving burned-out clergy as well as those who have been wounded by trauma or abuse. Lenora's nonjudgemental and affirming approach is based on a generous Christ-centered faith that seeks to listen for and help others recognize the movement within that is leading them towards the life that is theirs and theirs alone to live.

Is Spiritual Direction right for you if you aren't religious?

We believe so! P.G. Reed once offered this perspective: "Spirituality is making meaning through a sense of relatedness/connectedness to dimensions that transcend the self in a way that empowers and does not devalue the individual. The relatedness may be experienced via three dimensions: intra-personally - by having purpose, satisfaction and values; interpersonally - through giving and receiving relationships; and trans-personally - by a link with a higher power." Based on this definition, every human being can benefit from support and guidance that helps them tend to the various dimensions of their spiritual being.

Within each of us dwells the desire to find meaning in every moment...

to discover our true self...

to experience kindness and acceptance for ourselves and others...

to feel a deep connection to the ground of all being.

Soul companioning supports you in this journey of a lifetime.

- Spiritual Directors International

What others say about Working with Rev. Lenora Rousseau: 

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Austin Council
Virginia Tech

Often times I find myself in a rut wondering where the Spirit is leading me and whether or not God is doing much of anything in my life. However, Lenora has truly helped me see God in all things. Her active listening skills and intentional, thought-provoking questions challenge me to follow my heart and live out my authentic self.

Screen Shot 2020-12-16 at 4.21.39 PM.png

Meghan Williams
Servant Volunteer Coordinator,
Clergy Candidate FLUMC

Working with Lenora for spiritual direction has helped me to discern how the Holy Spirit is moving in my life, calling me to act, and working to heal me of trauma that I have experienced.  Lenora embodies nonjudgemental and compassionate listening. She insightfully invites me to explore areas where I might be "stuck" and then, within my own lens of faith, journeys with me as I deconstruct limiting views of myself and my faith in order to create greater flourishing with the Holy Spirit. I am forever grateful for the healing and empowering space Lenora provides during our time of spiritual direction. 

Screen Shot 2020-12-16 at 4.21.24 PM.png

Jennifer Thomas
H.R. Director
Trinity UMC Gainesville

Lenora has been such a blessing to me. Not just for her compassionate kind way of listening, but in the way she continues to be truly human with me. I can bring my joys and my sorrows to her and not feel judged or that she wants to fix me. Every time I interact with her, it's a feeling of support... a feeling of someone truly walking beside me in my life's journey. Whether we talk once a week, or once a day when life got difficult, or once a month, it is always a welcomed experience. She is such an uplifting presence in my life, and I am truly grateful for her guidance and love.

Scheduling and Fee Structure

All services are offered on a pre-paid, cash basis. We do not take insurance. However, our rates are offered on a sliding scale basis so that spiritual wellbeing can fit into any budget. Below you will find information on our standard pricing which can be tailored to fairly match financial means. 

Standard 60 Minute Rate $75

Standard 90 Minute Rate $90

Standard Pre-Paid 4 Session Bundle Rate:

Includes Four 60 Minute Sessions $250

Includes Four 90 Minute Sessions $300

Book a Complimentary Introductory Session to see if Contemplative Spiritual Direction with Rev. Lenora Rousseau is right for you. Click below to find a time that works for you.

Spiritual Directors International


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