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Our Commitment to Confidentiality:


We are committed to honor each person by respecting his/her values, theology, experiences, relationships, conscience, spirituality and confidentiality. We vow to keep the session material that may arise (whether oral or written) confidential. We also respect all persons regardless of race, color, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, national origin, marital status, political belief, physical or mental handicap, any preference, personal characteristic, condition or status.  

We believe that an atmosphere of confidence and trust is implicit. We are committed to creating a safe and confidential haven where personal sharing can occur and seeks to cultivate space that allows for openness, self-disclosure and authenticity. Towards that end, we follow the guidelines, including:

  1. protecting the identity of the client and their health information in accordance with HIPAA standards;

  2. keeping confidential all oral, electronic and written matters arising from services provided and sessions;

  3. recognizing and disclosing limitations of confidentiality of electronic communications and websites;

  4. conducting sessions in appropriate settings; and

  5. addressing legal regulations requiring disclosure to proper authorities, including but not limited to child abuse, elder abuse, and physical harm to self and others. 

To address and questions or concerns, please contact us via email. 

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