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Rev. Lenora Rousseau

Rev. Lenora Rousseau is the Founder and Director of the Brilliantly You Retreat & Wellness Center. She serves in this role as an experienced Pastor, Chaplain, Certified Health and Wellness Coach, Certified Spiritual Director, Certified CBT Practitioner and MBSR Coach, Certified Breath Coach, and Certified E-200/500 RYT Yoga instructor and YACEP Yoga Education provider.

She has had the privilege and joy of being married to Rev. Aaron Rousseau, a Chaplain in the US Navy, for 20 years. Together, they have shared in the adventures of parenting their three children - Gabrielle, Nathan, and Abigail.

A bit about Lenora's journey:

Lenora's childhood was forged through years of domestic trauma and sexual abuse. These unhealthy relationship patterns continued to cloud her early adulthood leading to additional years of domestic, vocational, and spiritual trauma. Consequently, Lenora spent the majority of 20's & 30's exploring a variety of spiritual paths and counseling modalities to find a sense of wholeness and healing.

Thankfully, through the integration of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and MBSR based counseling, spiritual direction, Yoga, personal reflection, and prayer, Lenora was able to experience profound healing and transformation. Her life's mission at this point is to help others experience the same. 


During her early years of college, Lenora studied both Finance and Modern Dance at San Diego State University. After earning her B.S. degree, she went on to dance with Anaheim Ballet for seven years. Following a knee injury, she went on to use her finance degree and eventually established Cambridge School of Ballet in Orlando, FL.

Along the way, Lenora discerned a call to ministry. Lenora completed her Masters of Divinity degree at Asbury Theological Seminary in 2016. Since then, Lenora has served as a Pastor and Chaplain in parish, clinical, and private institution settings. While in these roles, Lenora has gone on to add to her credentials, specializing her education and vocational roles around helping create space for people to heal from the past, thrive in the present, and discover how to authentically live into all that they are created them to be and do this world.

Lenora is especially grateful for the opportunity to journey alongside you and all who those who are on a quest for meaningful and sustainable healing and wholeness. She looks forward to equipping and empowering you to be Brilliantly You!

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