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It's not hard to find evidence that our world, our communities, and sometimes even our homes are in need of life giving restoration. Towards that end, we fully believe that each of us can make a real and lasting difference that can bring hope, wellbeing, and wholeness to those around us and for those who will follow behind us.

We also believe that as we tend our inner light and wellbeing, we simultaneously cultivate a greater capacity to understand and use our gifts and passions to become more effective agents of restoration and change in our communities and our world.


For us, this is part of vibrant and brilliant living.


 We encourage you to meet one on one with our Restoring Justice Chaplain! The focus of these sessions is centered around helping you discover and/or expand your ability to be an agent of restoration and change in your home, work place, and/or your community in ways that deeply connect with your created purpose, gifts, and passions.   

One of the ways we are seeking to be agents of change and restoration is by giving away 13% of our Wellness Product profits to organizations and agencies that address the problem of human trafficking. We realize that is just one very (very) small step in the right direction. And, we are committed to doing significantly more!

With this in mind, each month we will be highlighting various agencies and organizations around the globe that are making significant strides towards restoring wholeness and advocating for justice across a spectrum of humanitarian issues from world hunger to inequality to disaster recovery to Creation care, and more.

Along the way, we will also be inviting you to consider ways that you can use your time, talents, and resources to support these efforts and/or to become an agent of change yourself - illuminating a path for hope and universal wellbeing that seeks vibrant life for all, both now and yet come.​

We fully anticipate that the BYOU Community will shape the future focus of our Restoration Project efforts. And, we look forward to offering retreats, workshops, mission trips, and certification programs designed to inspire, equip, and empower you to create measurable and sustainable change in your community and beyond.

Check out details on our current Restoration Invitation!​ And let us know if you have an organization or agency that you'd like us to consider focusing on in the future by reaching out to info@brilliantlyyou.org