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Self -Love is defined as an appreciation of one's own worth or virtue.

Below is an easy recipe for cultivating self-love.

Gratitude- Daily sometimes hourly.

The practice of listing what you are grateful for provides a sense of self-awareness. This practice is not only grounding but essential for experiencing love in its purest form. Through this lens, we can see the core of life's purpose.

Forgiveness- Frequently.

The action of forgiveness is usually preceded by an admission of wrongdoing or an acknowledgment of the offense and many times, a request to be forgiven. Whereas the grace of forgiveness is simply letting go of hostility, resentment or anger for a perceived transgression. Forgiveness frees up our heart and body to be open to gratitude and peace. Forgiving ourselves is sometimes harder than forgiving someone else. But the impact of both is immeasurable.

Hope- Buckets.

All jokes aside this ingredient is not just a "wish". Like, viewing the world from rose-colored glasses. But to expect with confidence. Trusting that you know what is best and right. Hope is the root of intuition.

Mindfulness- Constantly.

This is easier said than done. Think of it as the present of presence. This ingredient is the gift that grows the more you use it. The more aware you are of yourself and the world around you the more open you are to the many blessings of being fully "in the now".

Faith- More than measurable.

Everyone has their own beliefs, practices, and traditions. The root of it all is that we are created to be seekers. The belief in pure love. The belief in this origin of true acceptance and divine good. This "knowing" presence that holds us, is us and surrounds us. If self-love were a garment spirituality is one of the many threads woven brilliantly to support us.

Nutrition- Every opportunity.

Living with intention and purpose, on purpose has a lot to do with how you interact in your world and to the world at large. Nutrition is not just the choices you make on your plate but the intentions you have in your relationships, the purchases you make with your dollars and the way you express yourself creatively. Noticing what or how you are feeding yourself through some of the other practices will increase your nourishment and lead to becoming your best self.

Community- Arms full.

Surrounding yourself with loving, like-minded support is a direct act of self-love.

When you are in the company of people who are seeking a similar lifestyle or have similar goals to your own, the growth and support you share create a secure bond. This safe space whether figurative or physical can foster a more authentic version of yourself because you are fully seen, unconditionally loved and accepted.

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