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Gathering in Grace

For some folks, grocery shopping can be a mundane task under usual circumstances. In this current state of restrictions on both what is available and when is the best time to venture out to shop for groceries, meal planning may start to look a little different in the coming weeks as trips out of the house become less frequent (or even non-existent), but it's still a great way to help reduce stress at mealtimes, reduce food waste, and increase mealtime satisfaction. Here are just a few ways that our family has adjusted the supplies in our pantry, fridge, and freezer:

  • Do an inventory of what you have on hand. We might all have a little extra time right now to include an inventory in our planning. Piece together recipes or menus With what you have in stock and see what items you really need. Try and utilize what you have on the deck so you can have reduced stress with a plan when considering what to shop for.

  • Think out of the box. While produce has a shorter shelf life than packaged items it is abundant right now. Local farmer's markets might be closed temporarily but the farmer still needs to survive this storm and fresh produce will support your wellness. Check into local farms that may be offering delivery or drive-through services for produce, eggs, and pasture raised meats.

  • Buy in bulk when possible. This is something I’ve done on a consistent basis when it is available to me. If your grocery store offers a safe and sanitized way for you to purchase grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds at your store this is a great way to save time on money on items. Especially if these items are tolerable for your digestion. Items like rice, quinoa, pasta, oats, beans, and legumes can really stretch a meal and provide fiber and nutrients. Nuts and seeds are a great way to incorporate healthy fat and protein into a recipe. You could even make milk from soaked oats or nuts to delay the need to purchase it in the store.

  • Consider simple meals with big flavors. We all enjoy a good comforting meal and sometimes those are the meals that have the least ingredients. Include meals that need minimal supplies but choose bold flavors to heighten your meal experience. Above all, stay calm and practice fluid expectations. Having a flexible plan can make all the difference.

Let me know if I can support you with other ideas or recipes. You can reach me anytime at BYou and stay well!

Franny Long

Holistic Nutrition Coach

RYT200 Yoga Instructor

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