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Creating Meaningful Community In Quarantine

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

If the void of isolation is weighing you down these days, know that you are not alone! There is a reason many of us are struggling during this quarantine. Human beings were created to be in meaningful community with one another. Whether we gather to celebrate milestones, or to learn and grow, or to lament and grieve - being in contact with and sharing life's ups and downs with other human beings is as essential for our wellbeing as eating and drinking. In fact, studies have now shown that isolation (lack of authentic and meaningful connection with others) is the leading cause for depression. Needless to say, as the weeks of quarantine have added up, many of us are now finding it all the more important to find meaningful ways to connect. From the start of new online book studies to happy hours, the possibilities are endless for reasons people are gathering online to see one another's smiles, share one another's tears, and hold sacred space to acknowledge and honor our shared humanity.  Towards this end, BYou is committed to helping you grow and thrive! Take a moment to explore some of our NEW COMMUNITY GATHERINGS as well as some thoughts and resources to help keep you living brilliantly this week:

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