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Kelsey Campolo

Kelsey Campolo, certified RYT Yoga Instructor, completed her certification in April of 2019. She has had an at home yoga practice for several years, practicing mostly Hatha and Vinyasa. With experience managing a vegan restaurant, Kelsey is also an animal rights advocate. She believes that kindness and empathy for ALL beings connects to the self loving and earth honoring practice of yoga.

However, it wasn’t exactly positivity that led Kelsey to her everyday practice. She experienced many losses, battled depression and anxiety, and went through darkness to find her light. With her time on the mat, she found healing. She found the space, comfort, and safety to be her most authentic self. Since finding her heart and soul in yoga, Kelsey wants nothing more than to create that safe and welcoming space for others.

Kelsey has experience in leading nurturing Hatha yoga classes with a focus to create space in the body & release stuck energy that has manifested as tension or discomfort. She believes that a consistent yoga practice has the gentle power to not only care for the physical body, but also the emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. She looks forward to spending time with you on the mat and leading you towards being your most brilliant and beautiful self.

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