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Gratitude Signature Blend

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

Signature Blend #5

Practice Makes Permanent

Practice doesn’t always make perfect, however it builds us stronger at what we’re practicing. Practicing something consistently will make it a forever habit. As we come to the last day of the gratitude challenge, it’s important we continue practicing what these five days have reminded us.


Challenge yourself to continue making a daily effort to observe the good, write down what you’re grateful for, always say thank you, recite your affirmations, & watch these exercises bloom into a lasting practice. You’ll notice a positive shift in your mind-set, your communication with others, and the relationship you have with yourself.


Along with implementing these daily actions, carry on with your practice of blending essential oils to infuse your gratitude movement with the magic of aromatherapy. Check out these blends that have the power to motivate & energize you to turn your practice into permanence.

Diffuser Blend
3 drops Spearmint
4 drops Lemon
3 drops Orange

Skin Application Blend

(in a 10 ml roll on bottle)
6 drops Black Pepper
7 drops Lime
7 drops Orange
8 drops Frankincense
*combine with a gentle carrier oil like Sweet Almond or Jojoba Oil*

Purchase 100% pure essential oils, carrier oils, glass roll on bottles, and oil diffusers at the BYou Wellness Store where a percentage of your purchase supports the eradication of human trafficking. Happy blending & may your gratitude practice be permanent! Much love & light from the BYou family!

For more information about any of these oils or blends, please contact Kelsey at

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