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The Brilliantly You - YogaWell Journey

During this season of worldwide pandemic, we recommend starting your YogaWell Journey with our signature Find Your Flow 6 Week Restoration Challenge which is designed to hep you detox from acute stress and trauma - in the safety and privacy of your home -by giving you the tools you need to start thriving again - body, mind, heart, and soul. 

Why "Find Your Flow"

Discover the heart behind this Challenge

Find Your Flow

6 Week Restoration Challenge

Our signature Find Your Flow 6 Week Restoration Challenge lays a firm foundation for sustainable healing and transformation by exploring six integrated themes, including:

Week One: Re-Membering Who You Are

  • CBT Focus: Laying a firm Foundation for change & goal setting

  • Affirmations: Re-membering who you are at your core

  • Yoga: Reconnecting to the core of your entire being


Week Two: Detox Inside and Out

  • CBT Focus: Identifying and dismantling cognitive distortions

  • Affirmations: Shedding toxicity in all its forms

  • Yoga: Detoxing from head to tow


Week Three: Building a Strong Foundation

  • CBT Focus: Developing cognitive flexibility & expanding your tool box

  • Affirmations: Reclaiming and celebrating your fullest potential   

  • Yoga: Developing flexibility 

Week Four: Embrace Your Full Potential

  • CBT Focus: Living in alignment with your core values & beliefs

  • Affirmations: Owning your story and the way it unfolds from here

  • Yoga: Building lower body strength

Week Five: Live Authentically

  • CBT Focus: Overcoming obstacles to authenticity

  • Affirmations: The power of unconditional love & acceptance 

  • Yoga: Building upper body openness & strength

Week Six: Cultivate Balance & Resilience

  • CBT Focus: Cultivating cognitive balance & resilience for long term wellbeing

  • Affirmations: Falling in love with your journey

  • Yoga: Cultivating balance

Choose Your Journey


Option One: 1:1 Find Your Flow Bundle

This program was designed to be embarked upon with a series of Private 1:1Online Yoga or Coaching sessions. To get the full experience and transformative benefit, we highly recommend purchasing the Find Your Flow Challenge Bundle as outlined below.

Option Two: Just the Challenge

For those who prefer to blaze their own path, the Find Your Flow Challenge can be done on-demand through the BYou -YogaWell APP by subscribing to the BYou + YogaWell + Thrive Plan. For more details on that option, click here.


 Yoga Student, FL 8/26/2020

"Love knowing I had this community to come to! And, the daily affirmations and guided practice! It's a beautiful space where you can experience personal growth, inspiration and wellness!" 



"LOVE the variety of yoga offerings - length of time, relaxing, conditioning, etc. Also the CBT and organization/format for easier maneuvering."

Occupational Therapist, EC, FL 6/29/2020

“Brilliantly You is very intentional in creating harmony for the heart, body, mind, and spirit. I have come to know and love myself in ways I never knew I could, and to share that love with others to help our world a more peaceful and loving place.”



"It has been very transforming as it has given me permission to let go of what’s not working in my life and being open to the healing possibilities! I would highly recommend YogaWell to my friends!"

Meet one of YogaWell's Everyday Heroes:

Tami Jungklaus


Tami came to YogaWell shortly after retiring as a Nurse Practitioner to address physical concerns after decades of serving others on her feet day after day. What she didn't expect to uncover were the ways that compounding stress and trauma during that time had also taken it's toll on her heart, mind, and spirit. Her tenacity and willingness to dig deeply into every aspect of the Find Your Flow 6 Week Restoration Challenge paid off though as her time on the mat became an even richer experience than she ever anticipated - enabling her to cultivate a deep well of resiliency that now flows freely from the core of her being.

Hear Tami's story first hand by clicking the play button below:

1:1 Find Your Flow Bundle

6 Week Restoration Challenge

Introductory Rate Only $199.99


  • 30 Minute Discovery Session to explore your goals and establish the best use of your 1:1 sessions

  • SIX 30 Min. or THREE 60 Min.1:1 Private Online Yoga Instruction or Coaching (which every you prefer/need to achieve your goals).


PLUS: 2 MONTHS access to the BYou + YogaWell + Thrive APP plan ($49.98 value) at no additional cost:

  • 80+ on-demand Stress-Recovery Yoga and Meditation offerings (all levels), including: Chair Yoga, Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Yoga Conditioning, & Yoga Nidra

  • 60+ additional Yoga & Meditation offerings available in the Stay in the Flow Library

  • 75+ minutes of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) lessons with additional tips, journal prompts, and tools

  • 42 uplifting affirmations

  • Unlimited access to our Stay in the Flow Library with over 60 Yoga & Meditation offerings to make sure you always have a practice that fits your needs. 



  • Bonus #1: Stay accountable with our Practice Makes Permanent Accountability Challenge

  • Bonus #2: The Nourished Well Meal Plans

  • Bonus #3: YogaWell LIVE classes and workshops 

  • Bonus #4: YogaWell's Exclusive FaceBook Community

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