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Make an investment in your people 

this year 

that you won't regret!

Make an investment
in your business
by investing in the 
health and wellbeing
of your staff or clients
with our
BYou Corporate 


Corporate Membership

Corporate Members
also enjoy discounted individual
BYOU Membership
rates as a way encouraging
your staff or clients
to invest in their own wellness and benefit from
integrative self-care.

Make an investment

in your people

this year

that you won't regret!

No contracts - Cancel Anytime

Make an investment in your most important ressource...

the people who make your business a success!

When you make an invest in the health and wellbeing of your staff or clients, you make an investment in your organization that will improve both the overall satisfaction and productivity of your most important resource: the people who that make your corporation's mission and vision a reality.

If you are not already familiar with the scientifically proven benefits of offering safe and inclusive Yoga practices led by a trauma-informed Certified Yoga Instructor, check out the link below. Practicing safe and holistic Yoga just once a week has been proved to reduce stress, relieve anxiety and other illnesses (reducing sick days), increase productivity, and enhance mental focus - all of which lead to more vibrant living.



The BYou Corporate Membership Includes:

  • Weekly private Yoga classes brought to your corporation via our virtual classroom. 

  • A dedicated Certified, Trauma-Informed Yoga Instructor assigned to your account. 

  • The option to record and share your weekly classes for up to 4 weeks in rotation.

  • 10% discount on all BYou Retreats to encourage your people to take time for self-care & renewal.

  • New Membership Discounted Rates locked in for the lifetime of your Corporation Membership.




We look forward to partnering with you in ways that will exponentially benefit your organization! 

We'd love to talk to you about how we can create a

customized program for your Corporation!

Contact us at for more information.

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