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 Gratitude: Day Three 

Image by Hanny Naibaho

Give thanks in all circumstances...

1 Thes 5:18

The Power of Saying "Thank You"



Welcome to day 3 of the gratefulness challenge.


I hope you found it helpful to do some gratitude journaling yesterday. Today we’re going to be talking about the power of saying, “Thank you.” This can totally change the way you experience life.


It’s two simple words that change everything.

Thank. You.


That’s it. A phrase we often take for granted. A statement we generally say far too little.


Can you imagine how it would change your life if you constantly said, “Thank you,” to people?


If you took every opportunity to thank people? If you…


  • Thanked a coworker for a prompt reply to an email

  • Said a heartfelt, “Thank you,” when your boss let you go home 30 minutes early

  • Thanked your spouse for cooking a delicious dinner

  • Gave your kids a big hug and thanked them for cleaning up their toys

  • Were full of gratefulness when a family member called to check in


Being thankful to others profoundly changes the way we go through life.


When you’re constantly thankful to others, it fills your heart with joy and helps you live in a constant state of gratitude. What's more, it fills the hearts of those around us with a sense of joy and appreciation for who they are and how they are contributing with their presence, their gifts, or their time.

There is even a scientific reason to say, "Thank you?"


Studies have revealed that when we express thankfulness, both the person making the statement and the recipient experience the emotion of appreciation, which has been linked with:

  • improving mental and emotional health;

  • strengthening our immune system, which helps us fight off disease and illness;

  • releasing natural endorphins into the blood stream, which can reduce pain and relax the heart;

  • aids in better sleep; and

  • boosts serotonin and dopamine levels (naturally), which reduces anxiety and depression.

The benefits of saying "thank you" are profound and truly transformative!


This is precisely why the ancient writer, Paul of Tarsus, encouraged people to "give thanks in the midst of all circumstances." Sometime his words have been twisted to imply that we should give thanks for all circumstances. But, if we look closer, we discover that this is not what he advised. Instead, his point was to adopt the practice of giving thanks, regardless of our circumstances. While he might not have had science on his side to prove then benefits of giving thanks, we do. And it turns out - he was spot on!


When we say "thank you" we create opportunities for appreciation to take root, welcoming all the benefits of this practice into our lives and into the lives of those around us. And, couldn't we all use a little more thankfulness, appreciation, and joy in our lives?


Today, make every effort to say, “Thank you,” to God and to others.

Match the practice of observing the good around you with the practice of expressing appreciation.


Try to notice at least TEN things you can thank others for today. They don’t have to be big things. Give thanks for even the smallest ways a person helps you or brings joy into your life.


Over time, you will discover that the practice of gratitude can completely change your relationships with people. They’ll be much more receptive you, much more open, much more willing to share their lives with you. And, you will be more aware of just how grateful you are that they’re in your life.

Gratitude is an incredibly powerful practice. A practice so powerful that it can change your relationships forever.

Tomorrow we’re going to be talking about the powerful practice of gratitude affirmations.


Until then, please accept our heartfelt "Thank You" for being a part of this 5 Day Gratitude Challenge.

We are truly grateful for the opportunity to share these thoughts and practices with you.


It is our sincere hope and prayer that they are already making a positive difference in your life! If you have any questions or need additional support, please do not hesitate to contact us at 407-952-2819 or email.

See you tomorrow!

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