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Join us online as we seek to create space where we can collectively be and breathe together in Spirit-led community.

Our offerings are open to all and always casual in nature.

We gather to explore Scripture and insights from sages throughout the ages in ways that bring to life spiritually universal themes that are rooted in a deep conviction that God - above all else - is Love. These offerings are intended to provide a unique opportunity to encounter and embody that Love in ways that lead to greater healing and wholeness. 

Likewise, our practices are designed to help you increasingly love yourself, others, and God from a place of authenticity and restoration while cultivating the strength, courage, and flexibility needed to reflect and magnify God's goodness and grace into the world in ways that lead to life that is more just, whole, and abundant for all.

Join us anytime!

Yoga Chapel

1st and 3rd Fridays of the Month Starting in August!

10:30 AM EST

9:30 AM CST, 8:30 AM MST, 7:30 AM PST

50-60 Minute Meditation & Yoga Chapel*

with Rev. Lenora Rousseau

Click the ZOOM link below to attend:

*Yoga Chapel offerings are designed to be adaptive and accessible so that beginners and beyond can choose from a variety of options, especially with more challenging postures - making your practice an individual expression of worship as you mindfully move in and out of the guided flow. If you have any health issues or concerns, please consult with your physician before engaging in this activity. And, please modify any and all movement as needed to avoid injury or harm, including departing from the guided flow all together. If you are unable to join us in movement, you are still welcome to be a part of our community and enjoy the benefits of our centering breathing, meditation, and final relaxation.


New to the idea of YOGA CHAPEL or Yoga in general?

Check out these two introductory Hatha style offerings

done by Rev. Lenora Rousseau for the Pointe of Grace Project (our sister corporation):

Introduction to Holy Yoga Video Part I

(42 Minutes)

Introduction to Holy Yoga Part 2

(39 Minutes)


Small Group Gathering

Gathering to Listen and Respond to the Spirit of God



If you are interested in participating in an informal time of prayer, reflective Scripture reading, conversation, and listening, please join us for an hour on Thursdays evenings. This gathering is led by Revs. Aaron and Lenora Rousseau and open to all who are interested in being led by the Spirit towards wellbeing and wholeness for ourselves and our world.

Join Us Tuesday Evenings at

8:30 PM EST

(7:30 PM CST, 6:30 PM MST, 5:30 PM PST)

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