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Our Community fees are temporarily waived during this worldwide pandemic. If you able, our BYou Community Membership is optional right now to help us cover our most basic expenses. Donations in any amount are also gratefully welcomed.





Integrative Self-Care 


BYou Community Membership


Community Yoga Instruction

  • Unlimited access to Community Yoga Classes led live in our virtual classroom.

  • 24/7 access to our rotating series of recorded Community Yoga Classes.


Guided Meditation


Holistic Nutrition Support

  • Weekly recipes and ideas to give you confidence and inspire creativity in the kitchen and beyond.


Quarterly Challenges

  • Once a quarter we offer a six week series with themed meal plans & recipes for balanced nutrition during each quarter, as well as resources and ideas for integrative self-care. 


Resources & Discounts

  • Weekly e-Newsletter with ideas and tools to inspire brilliant and vibrant living.

  • 10% off all BYou Retreats.

  • Referral program to thank our members for sharing BYou with those who could benefit for our community.

BYou Holistic Nutrition Membership

Only $120/mo. (Reg. $240/month)


Includes ALL BYou Community Offerings 

at no additional cost.



One on One Holistic Nutrition Coaching 

  • The journey begins with an Initial Consultation to clarify your goals and dreams for Holistic Nutrition. (60 Minutes)

  • Identify challenges and address health related nutrition concerns.

  • Expand your knowledge of Holistic Nutrition and work with your Coach to create a realistic plan that will enable you to cultivate sustainable balance & wellness.



Ongoing Support  

  • Meet every other week with your Holistic Nutrition Coach​ (45 Minutes each)

  • Enjoy customized menu planning and recipes to support your unique goals and needs;

  • Learn how to identify and overcome barriers to your nutritional wellbeing;

  • Access to your Holistic Nutrition Coach for questions or support between sessions via phone or email.

  • 10% off all BYou Nutrition Workshops.

BYou Integrative Self-Care Membership

Only $220/mo. (Reg. $440/month)

Includes ALL BYou Community 

AND Holistic Nutrition Offerings 

at no additional cost.


Private Yoga Instruction

  • Train every other week with a dedicated Certified Yoga Instructor in the privacy of our virtual classroom.(60 Minutes each)

  • Classes are tailored to your experience level and designed to help you restore balance (physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually), build core strength, and increase your overall vitality.



One on One Spiritual Care or Restoration Coaching, including 

  • Meet once a month with a dedicated Spiritual Care Chaplain to tend to your inner light;

  • Explore how your gifts and passions can be harnessed to take intentional action towards positively changing the world around you (60 Minutes each).

Upon request, services can be exchanged (within equal value of time) to meet best meet your unique goals and needs.

More than just a membership. It's also partnership!


Paying it forward.

Your monthly membership fees will enable us to not only sustain and grow our offerings, it will also enable us to make these same services accessible on a sliding scale to those who are rebuilding their lives in the wake of domestic violence, sexual abuse/trauma recovery, homelessness, or human trafficking.​ 

Thank you for partnering with us to help our mission and vision become a reality!


We also offer Corporate Memberships.

Want to make an investment in the health and wellbeing of your staff or clients?

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Check out our most recent

BYou Community Challenge:

Temporarily paused due to the recent pandemic -

to be resumed at a later date...

40 Day

Detox Challenge

Clean Eating - Restorative Living

Detoxing is about more than food choices - it's about the way we tend to our entire wellbeing.

Our 40 Day Detox Challenge is specifically designed to help cleanse your body, mind, heart, and soul from toxins of all kinds so that you can journeying onward with more energy and passion towards being and becoming your most brilliant and vibrant self!

Consider joining us (in part or in whole) as we spend the next 40 days mindfully turning away from the toxic habits and behaviors that we often default to in attempt to simply keep up with frantic pace of our busy lives.

Challenge Overview

Most of us are aware that toxins of various kinds can be found in the air we breath, the water we drink, and the food we eat. These toxins can build up in our bodies over time, slowing down and impeding our natural ability to sustain a balanced state of wellbeing. What's more, the build up of various toxins in our bodies has been linked with chronic fatigue, depression, immune deficiencies, and other life threatening diseases.


We can also be impacted by stress and trauma caused by toxic relationships, spaces, thought processes, habits, traditions, communities, and so on. The build up of these kinds of toxins (past and present) is often stored in our physical bodies, throwing off our natural cortisol levels, which in turn can lead weight gain in the abdominal area and compound the health issues mentioned above.

During the 40 Day Detox Challenge, we will be inviting you set aside toxic patterns of eating and living in order to intentionally nourish your entire being in ways that can help you live with more vitality and clarity. Towards this aim, each we week will focus on a particular theme with invitations for you to reflect and take action on, including:

Week One: De-clutter

Week Two: De-tach

Week Three: De-stress

Week Four: Re-construct

Week Five: Re-integrate

Week Six: Re-peat

Whether you choose dive into this challenge 100% or simply pick and choose the offerings that work best for you,

we are confident you will benefit from the time you invest! 

Join Us for 40 Days of Clean Eating & Restorative Living!

Click here for menu plans and other challenge details.