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The Benefits of Yoga

Why Practice Yoga? 


Contrary to what some have been taught to believe, Yoga is not a religion. And, it's not about being super flexible (although that certainly improves over time). In its truest and most ancient form, Yoga is a philosophy for wellbeing that predates Hinduism, Judaism, and other ancient religions by at least 1,000 years or more.

Traditional Yoga practice was (and continues to be) a holistic means of restoring balance - mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually - by connecting the breath to both movement and meditation. In fact, the word 'spirituality' is based on the Latin word 'spirare' which literally means 'breathe.'

Science is now proving that the regular practice of traditional Yoga positively impacts health and total wellness. Practicing Hatha or Yin Yoga just once a week can reduce stress, support trauma recovery, lead to better sleep, aid in healing from injury, reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression, expand mindfulness, enhance productivity, and increase a sense of spiritual awareness.

Those who practice Yoga for six months or more often see improvements in their weight management, recovery from PSTD, as well as increased core strength, balance, and flexibility. Some also report a reduction of blood pressure, healthier interpersonal relationships, improved memory, and an increased sense of wellbeing and peace.

See for yourself! Join us for class and discover how practicing traditional Yoga can inspire and transform you to live more brilliantly, authentically, and creatively from the core of your being!

What are Others Saying about Yoga? 

If you new to Yoga or simply curious about the ways science is now discovering the truth behind what Yogi's have known for thousands for years, check out these articles on the various ways science points towards Yoga as an effective means for self-care and holistic wellness.

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